I'm a 22-year-old webdesign-enthusiast. I also respond to car-fanatic, or origami-guy. Drawing and painting are also things I do a lot, and I play drums! Currently I'm studying Industrial Design at the Einhoven University of Technology.

Now that my brother Niels is joining the team, we both create good-looking websites.

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Launched a new website!

Another day, another webdesign project! This time I helped Görtz Fruit B.V. with building a website, and I got to say that this one is one of my masterpieces yet!

Here I experimented with parallax scrolling, as well as that I implemented my self-made CMS. Two very exciting developments, if you ask me. Besides, my brother Niels joined the team and this is already the second website where he assisted me. Perhaps it is time to start a company, as things are going pretty well right now. The development of the CMS is going slow, but by implementing it in my clients' websites, bugs are filtered out, more features are built-in, and the system gets stability updates.

The website can be found over here:

I have been working on this website since the Christmas holidays, and I have to say, by building my own CMS, development speeds up dramatically.

I'm just not a fan of ready-made Content Management Systems, as they are made to be applicable for EVERYTHING. That is my main objection: as a moderator, one can change a little too much about the website and things get confusing or cluttered very easily. That's why I always made a custom CMS by hand for my clients. But that obviously takes a lot of time. By building my own CMS, I can adapt it to my needs, and quickly make a html design dynamic.

I have a plan to develop the CMS further, and perhaps releasing it for the outside world!

Another project, another success!

For the last couple of months I didn't have a lot of time to keep this blog up-to-date, but as I have another project which rounded up successfully, I think it is time again to keep everyone posted!

Since the last time I posted here, a lot has happened. I got my second P-verdict (which means another 30 study credits), resulting in earning a total of 60 study credits in the first year! About only a half of the 120 students at my faculty managed to pull that trick of, so I am quite proud of my accomplishment. In the holidays, I have been developing another website, namely the website for Fanfare Eendracht Baarlo, my town's local fanfare band.

Besides, life has been moving fast-paced. I have set myself a lot of study goals, tried a lot of new things and started a new semester at the university. As a goal, I am working on my sketching skills, in order to be more of a professional sketcher than I am now. Expect some different kind of drawings in the art section in the future! ;-)

I am also working on my own developed CMS, which has to be developed to a bigger extent yet. I tried it out on my last project already, so it is really close to completion. I am not going to overrush things, so it is still going to take a while, but I am really content with what I have built so far!

It looks like I once again got busy times coming up, but do not fear, I will keep this blog posted! I got some promising things coming up, which will probably drive me to keeping this blog up-to-date more often. So stay tuned (and be patient)! ;-)

And it's on again!

It's been (and still are) busy times around here. My study demanding quite a big bunch of time and the rest is, well, spent doing awesome things. Lately I signed up for the band-project, where I formed a band with 3 other music school students. Exciting, right?

That's not all, as I've been named webmaster of the website of my volleyball club. I also do all the graphic work for them as of now. Great way to gain more publicity! :)

Next to that I took part in the design contest of Dunlop again. Let's see what will become of it this year!

If that isn't enough, I also run a project for school as well as two assignments. Busy-ness big time!

Long time, no see!

It's been a while since I kept this blog updated. And a lot has happened since then!
Remember I told you guys about the car drawing for my neighbour? Well, it's finished now and I gave it to them. They are really fond of it, which is awesome!

Furthermore, a lot has been happening at school. I passed the assessment with a P (Pass-verdict, means I got 30 study credits out of 30), which is a great start for my Industrial Design career! I also started a new project, called 'I've Got The Music In Me'. It's about making a giveaway for the 'Klankspeeltuin', a musical playground for children without the need of any prior musical experience. This project needs to keep the kids engaged with the 'Klankspeeltuin'.

It's been busy times and it looks like it's going to stay that way! I'm running a design project for 'Ubutech', a company of a friend of mine. But the Interim Exhibition of this semester is already a matter of weeks away, so there's a lot to do!

Car drawings and showcase mania!

The first two weeks of the new year have already been quite crowded, yet very easy-going. I've been working on my Industrial Design showcase, which can be found here. While there still has to be done some work, it comes together pretty well! In addition, I also got some drawing projects running at the moment. First of all, this Alfa Romeo 6C 3000cm.

Secondly, I also started working on real paper again. It's a racing scene of some sort of typical American muscle car race, crowded with Camaros, Firebirds and all that horsepower-wealthy goodness! It's a big drawing, so it's going to take a while.

Last but not least: I'm also drawing a 1969 Ford Mustang for my neighbours! They have some special memories to that car, but got rid of it. They only have some photos of it, and would like to have something that they could hang up to the wall, which is going to be a massive canvas with a drawing of their loved Mustang!


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